Everything’s more fun with a beer in hand..

including a cop chase. Great new ad for Aussie Carlton Draught beer.


Not all accidents are unhappy accidents…

and some are hardly accidents at all in this new, quite straightforward but still very entertaining new TVC for Virgin Mobile in the US.

Would we be the same without are little quirks?

Probably not. But before I spoil the story of the new Andes beer commercial completely, watch it below. It is quite a lateral step from what the Argentinian beer has communicated so far, but a really nice film piece indeed. Agency is Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, BsAs. Production house: MinistryFilm.

There’s a bit of Swedishness in everyone…

or in the words of Rekorderlig cider – a lot of unrefined Swedishness, that’s why they set up the Swedish school to help people master all skills Swedish. The absolutely hilarious (well, if you have a bit of Swedish sense of humour anyway) film series launched in the UK was produced by Agency A. I pretty much love them all, but here’s a few of my favourites:



Ice water for men

There’s nothing that can stop true fans…

from cheering for their team. Apparentely not even death. Suprising, funny, lovely and throughout touching short film about true “Team Spirit” from ESPN. Agency is W+K NY again



Let’s raise a pint on the official Guiness day…

and while we’re at it let’s paint the whole town black. Which apparently some Romanian villagers were more than willing to do for real in this new TVC for the legendary beer brand, by Saatchi & Saatchi London.

That’s one way I did not ever imagine using my long hair for…

Entertaining indeed this viral for Duraziv, a Romanian brand of… see for yourselves (no, no spoilers). Agency is Propaganda.