We do it less often…

Unilever just launched a new educational campaign on behalf of Rexona to make Romanian women use deodorant more often. Studies show that Romanian women use deodorant twice less than Hungarians do and 5 times less than the Brits. Doesn’t really surprise me – it’s the “house rule” in almost every hygiene related category in Romania: shampoo, toothpaste and so on. 

Although I applaud the innitiative, I am really puzzled at the way Rexona wants to do it: they have talked local TV star Jojo into not using deodorant for 1 week and posting her journal of the experience online on www.OFacemMaiRar.ro. I am really wondering how efficient the campaign will be – it will of course generate some talk but how many of these women who do not use deodorant every day and whose attitudes need changing have daily internet access?


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